Welcome to Billy's Photo Gallery!

Photos of Billy
Some random photos of Billy. Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Billy's 22nd Birthday
Billy's 22nd birthday was one to remember, as a group of his friends got together for some dinner at the cook-it-yourself Hot Pot. Good food and great people made for a wonderful birthday.

Christmas 2001
Photos from Christmas 2001 at the Kakes household.

Newport Beach, June 2002
The king is dead; long live the king! This year we changed up the annual Huntington Beach trip and decided to stay at Newport Beach instead. Great food, beaches, and scenery resulted, as did a fabulous day in Disneyland.

Special Bonus:
We took a few movies while on the trip (QuickTime format): You can see cool fireworks and a skateboarder jumping over them, Chris, Tim, Yen, and Billy on the teacups, or Ben, Billy, and Kavita on the teacups.

Yosemite, June 2002
Summer just isn't summer without some camping, hiking, and great scenery. A group of us fifteen large decided to hit Yosemite and hike up to the top of Half Dome. It was long, but it was a great hike and a fantastic trip.

Spring Break, March 2002
For Spring Break, we headed down to Rosarito, Mexico to stay for four nights at the Festival Plaza. Beaches, nightlife, women, and booze, Mexico had it all. On the cheap (especially with our group). We also hit San Diego and Univeral Studios on the way back up.

Pismo Beach Trip, September 2001
A great trip of surfing, sun, football, and relaxation. A special highlight was Billy and Chris' last-minute decision to stay in Pismo for an extra night, leading to a two-and-a-half-hour scramble for a hotel. Photos of Ben, Ben, Billy, Chris, and Karen.

Pismo Beach Trip, July 2001
A nice little trip down to Pismo Beach, CA for some surfing, sun, and socializing. Nice waves, decent weather, and mediocre skill. Oh, and ATVs on dunes. My god, I love the combination of ATVs and dunes. Photos of Ben, Billy, Chris, and Jason.

Special Bonus:
See "Dunes," the video Jason made on the dunes by clicking here! Now in the superior DivX format! (37 megs)

You need to have the DivX codecs installed in order to play the movie. If you do not have them, you can download them from here.

Santa Cruz Excursion to "The Hole Thing," July 2001
Ben, Billy, and Chris decided to check out this rumored 40-foot hole in the cliffs of Santa Cruz where the water shoots up and people allegedly jump in for a great ride. We don't know about the jumping in part, but oh man is the hole cool. Photos of Ben and Chris.

Huntington Beach Trip, June 2001
Our annual trip down to Huntington Beach in beautiful Southern California. We couldn't do it on the 4th of July this year, but still had a great time. Road trips, surfing, boogie boarding, Ruby's, hotel lounging, "Lady Chatterly," you name it...the Huntington Beach trip has it all. Photos of Ben, Ben, Billy, Chris, Jason, Kavita, Kelly, and Marcy.

David's Graduation, June 2002
After four short years, David graduated from UC San Diego with High Honors in Cognitive Science. It was a fun weekend with family, friends, and lots of celebrating.

Pac Bell Park, April 2002
A great group of us went to Pac Bell Park to celebrate the fact that we're graduating. Except, umm, that about half of us aren't graduating yet. That aside, we had a great time.

Boreal Ski Trip, March 2002
Snow and Boreal's $10 Fridays were calling us, so we went to go work on our mad snowboarding skillz. Pictures of Billy, Charlotte, Jenn, Joyce, Mario, Priya, Salil, and Vishal.

Ben Shakal's 22nd Birthday Party, March 2002
When Ben Shakal was turning that magical age of 22, we knew we had to do something. So the group of us got together and went out for a night of food, wine, and fun at The Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco. Pictures of Aaron, Ben, Ben, Billy, Brian, James, Julie, Lisa, Karen, Kavita, and Sarah.

Party at the 'Pad, February 2002
Our house decided to throw our second party, and hot damn was it a good one. Over 25 liters of booze, some 150 bottled drinks, lasers, fog, music, dry ice, and around 150 guests throughout the course of the night. Lots of drinking, dancing, flirting, and good times. Thanks to Aaron for some of the photos.

The guys dress up for a cocktail party, January 2002
Some friends threw a great cocktail party for an excuse to dress up and drink a bit. The guys all donned dress shirts, ties, and whatnot to be the most "money" looking guys there. Mission accomplished.

Ramsey's Halloween Party, October 2001
Ramsey threw a really nice, laid-back Halloween Party for all of us to hang out and catch up with friends. Some funny costumes, wonderful food, and good company made it a really nice event.

Party at the 'Pad, September 2001
In September, our house threw its first real party. With many guests, a good ratio of women and men, and way, way, way too much booze, the party was a great success. (Note that these are mainly 'before' and 'after' photos, since I was, umm, busy during the party itself.)

Photos of Ashley
See some photos of Ashley, Ben Shakal's kitten and the newest member of our house. Ain't she cute?

Special Bonus:
See a short video of Ashley on the bookcase by clicking here! In QuickTime format. (6 megs)