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Black & White Ball, May 2003

Arah got Billy tickets to the San Francisco Symphony's Black & White Ball for his birthday. It was an amazing present, and a wonderful night.

Billy's UC Berkeley Graduation, May 2003

After five short years, Billy graduated with Honors in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. It was a fantastic day, with lots of friends, pizza, celebration, and tears. If you want to read Billy's speech, check back in a week or so.

Magic Castle Trip, April 2003

Once again, David and Billy headed down to good ol' Hollywood to see the legendary Johnny Ace Palmer perform at the Magic Castle. Meeting up with Ben Blake for his first Magic Castle visit, they had an amazing time.

Big Group at Miyake's, March 2003

Over Spring Break, a group of eighteen or so of us hit Miyake's for some food and fun. Oh, and I think they have sake there or something. So I've heard.

Maroof and the Cluck-U 911 Challenge, February 2003

On Valentine's Day 2003, Maroof sacked up and tried Cluck-U Chicken's 911 Challenge. 12 pieces of chicken, 10 minutes, uncountable scars. He didn't quite make it, but gave it one heck of an effort.

Kristyn Visits Berkeley, January 2003

My friend Kristyn Warner came back out to Berkeley to visit with her boyfriend Tom. Along with Joe, we did all the "touristy" things in San Francisco, like riding cable cars, checking out the wax museum, and boating around the bay. It was a very fun few days.

Miyakes and More, January 2003

David, Ramsey, Maroof, Patrick, Joe, Constant, and Billy all hit Miyakes for a great night of sake bombing, Sake Submarine (tm), and good times. Top it off with a trip to the Brit and you've got a good night.

Mike's 24th Birthday, November 2002

Mike celebrated his 24th birthday with a great little gathering at his house in Palo Alto. Highlights include sake bombing, drunken wrestling, and Billy apparently trying to hit on Jeff's friends, but he denies it.

Halloween 2002, October 2002

For Halloween 2002, a big group of us hit Castro, first grabbing dinner and then wandering the streets. Lots of great costumes were out for display, and we had some great ones. From Jay and Silent Bob to the Powerpuff Girls to Indiana Jones, we had a great time.

Red Bull Flugtags, October 2002

We hit the second annual Red Bull Flugtags contest in San Francisco. The motto was "You'll laugh. You'll fly. Just not very far." Fun stuff.

Dr. Hull Lecture, October 2002

Dr. Gary Hull came from Duke to speak in Berkeley, sponsored by the Berkeley Objectivist Club. The talk was entitled, "Your Professorís War Against the Mind: The Black Hole of Post-Modernism and Multiculturalism," and it was an excellent evening.

Romi's Going-Away Dinner, September 2002

A group of us got together at the Cheesecake Factory to spend a night with Romi before she left for her year-long program at the London School of Economics. Good food and great people made for a fun evening.

Vanilla Ice Concert, September 2002

Vanilla Ice came to Jillian's in San Francisco and of course we had to go. Too bad he no longer takes it "to the extreme" and instead just sounds like a generic Korn knockoff. Yup yup.

Castle Rock Hike, August 2002

David and Billy decided to check out Santa Cruz's Castle Rock hike. While the hike itself is relatively short, the scenery is sometimes breathtaking, and climing on Castle Rock is just plain fun.

Skyline Ridge Hike, August 2002

David, Jess, and Billy decided to get some sun, sights, and exercise by hiking in a beautiful area just south of Palo Alto.
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